Biology Program

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Dr. Larry R. Eckroat

Associate Professor Emeritus of Biology

Ph.D. Zoology (Genetics), Pennsylvania State University, 1969

M.S., Zoology (Genetics), Pennsylvania State University, 1966
B.S., Biology, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, 1964

Teaching Interests:

Pennsylvania State University at Erie, Division of Science, Assistant Professor of Biology 1969-1975, Associate Professor of Biology, 1975 to present. Instructor in Human Genetics, General Genetics, Medical Genetics, Evolutionary Genetics, Scanning Electron Microscopy, and Introductory Biology.


Research Interests: (Genetics of Populations)

Black cherry: Currently we are attempting to examine the genetic variability of Black cherry, Prunus serotina,  these studies involving the genetic analysis of populations are examining the genetic heterogeneity of various populations utilizing starch gel electrophoresis-coupled allozyme and polymerase chain reaction based random amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analyses. The data collected are subjected to analysis with the computer-aided analysis package BIOSYS to calculate population parameters such as genetic distance. The results of this project will enable a determination of the genetic structure of black cherry on the Allegheny plateau.

Recent Publications:

Eckroat, L.R. 1975. Heterozygosity at the lactate dehydrogenase--A locus in grass pickerel Esox Americanus vermiculatus (Lesueur). Copeia (3):466-470.

Finn, J.P. III*, L.M. Steele*, P.E. Barney, Jr. and L.R. Eckroat. 1991. Opioid Involvement in the Stimulation of Conformational Changes in Immunocytes from the Freshwater Bivalve Mollusc Proptera alata as Revealed by Light and Scanning Electron Microscopy. Progress in NeuroEndocrinImmunology 4(3):180-185.

Frisina, A. Craig* and L.R. Eckroat. 1992. Histological and Morphological Attributes of the Byssus of the Zebra Mussel, Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas). Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 66(2):63-67.

Eckroat, L., E. Masteller, J. Shaffer* and L. Steele*. 1992. The Byssus of the Zebra Mussel: Morphology, Byssal Thread Formation, and Detachment. In Zebra Mussels: Biology, Impacts, and Control. Nalepa, T.F. and D.W. Schloesser, editors. pp. 239-263. Lewis Publishers, Chelsea, Michigan.

Eckroat, L. and L. Steele*. 1993. Comparative Morphology of the Byssi of Dreissena polymorpha and Mytilus edulis. American Malacological Bulletin, 10(1):103-107.

* Undergraduate Students

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