Biology Program

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Dr. Harry N. Cunningham, Jr.

Associate Professor Emeritus of Biology

Ph.D. Ecology, University of Pittsburgh, 1966

M.S. Zoology, University of Pittsburgh, 1960
B.S. Zoology, University of Pittsburgh, 1955

Teaching Interests:

Vertebrate Field Biology, Ecology, Invertebrate Biology, Parasitology, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Human Anatomy

Research Interests:

Soil Microarthropod Communities: The soil and letter of various ecosystems is a microhabitat very rich in diversity as the myriad species of mites, collembolans and others interact in the decomposition and recycling of nutrients within these habitats. We have been collecting samples from along an interstate highway at intervals away from the berm to see, over several seasons, how the community diversity of microarthropods change, and particularly, to see the effect of roadside de-icing agents on the community composition.

Bird Inventories: As a participant in the Special Areas Project sponsored by Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology, we have begun surveillance of gamelands 218 (Siegel Marsh) in Erie County, entailing seasonal visitations in which identification, enumeration and breeding status of all species of birds within the confines of the gameland are recorded. This is but one of several inventories that are being conducted in response to the known decline in several species of songbirds and waterfowl throughout the nation and world.

Recent Publications:

Cunningham,H.N. Jr. and R.C. Bollinger 1996. Twenty-Five Years of Vertebrates at Behrend College Erie, Pa. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science. (In Press)

Cunningham,H.N. Jr.,1995. An Inventory of the Small Mammals of Presque Isle State Park, Erie County, Pennsylvania. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science. 69(3):105-110.

Cunningham,H.N. Jr.,1990. Small Mammals in Various Successional Stages of Disturbed Lands in Northeastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science. 64(1):11-18.

Cunningham,H.N. Jr.,1989. The Mammals of a Forest-Agricultural Site in Erie County, Pennsylvania. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science. 63(2):81-87.

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