Biology Program

Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Dr. Edwin C. Masteller

Professor Emeritus of Biology

Ph.D. Entomology, Iowa State University, 1967

M.A., Botany, University of South Dakota, 1961
B.A., Biology, University of Northern Iowa, 1958

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Pennsylvania Aquatic Insects and Other Invertebrates

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Excellence in Teaching, PSU Behrend, 1972
Excellence in Research, PSU Behrend, 1984
Fulbright-Hays Senior Research Fellowship, 1974-75
President Entomological Society of Pennsylvania, 1979
President of North American Benthological Society, 1986
Research Interests (Aquatic insects and other invertebrates):

Aquatic insect populations of lotic habitats from temperate and tropical rainforest latitudes have been studied through long-term collections.

Long-term emergence surveys were completed from 1977 through 1991 on Pennsylvania streams: Fourmile & Sixmile Creeks in Erie County, Hemlock Creek & Little Arnot Run in Warren County in Allegheny National Forest, and Lewis Run in Mckean County, in the Allegheny National Forest.

During 1990-92 emergence traps were operated on streams in El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico. During 1993 and 1995 emergence collections were obtained from streams in Cochise County, AZ in the Chiricahua National Monument.

These collections provided the following numbers of species:

  Erie County Allegheny National Forest Arizona Puerto Rico
Ephemeroptera 18 10 3 6
Plecoptera 17 42 2 0
Trichoptera 52 63 16 22
Diptera 275 60 36 100


The first record of the Odonata, Argia lacrimans. was taken in Arizona. In Puerto Rico, 36 new species were recorded from the collections.

From these collections Stupkaiella mastelleri and Cernotina mastelleri were kindly dedicated to this collector by Ruediger Wagner and Oliver S. Flint Jr.

During 1989-91 Trichoptera were collected from the entire state of Pennsylvania supported by grants from the Wild Resources Fund of PA. Collections through 1996 and records from the literature have brought the total number of caddisflies in PA to 319 species. County records can be found at my web site. The Plecoptera were collected throughout PA during 1994-96, again supported by Wild Resources funding and, along with records from Jane Earl and the literature, provided a list of 136 species.

Recent Publications:

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